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Home & Home

The last in my autobio comic series. This one is about being from more than one place at once.


A short autobio comic exploring war, loss, family, and the things we carry with us from past generations.

tileBaby Nerd

Ever wonder if I was as much of a nerd as a kid as I am now? The answer is yes. Here’s a comic about it.

cover-thumbnail Visits

Continuing with the autobio theme. This short comic documents the three visits I’ve been lucky enough to take to Japan and how they made me feel.

face-bannerMy Father’s Face

A short autobiographical comic about traveling to Japan and recognising more than I expected.

coverFolding Kimono

Folding Kimono is a short autobiographical comic about being a Japanese-New Zealander. The comic discusses the barriers to engaging with heritage actoss distance and generations through the gift and care of a traditional kimono.


A three page comic based on a recurring dream I’ve had since childhood.


A story about the way that cities change, and how we forget to remember the old things.

Sunshine thumbnailSunshine

A girl comes to Wellington for the summer and decides to stay. But what happens when the weather changes? You can buy hard copies at my big cartel store.



An Opal Dream Cave thumbnailAn Opal Dream Cave

Winner of Supreme Remix award, Mix & Mash 2010