Hello there, I’m Jem Yoshioka. Nice to meet you.

Picture of JemI live in Wellington, New Zealand and I make comics and draw. A lot. On this site you’ll also be able to see some of my writing, which I usually do when a particular topic won’t leave me alone.

Have a look at my illustration work or on my tumblr (which is usually more up to date and features sketches and other things). Everything I make is licensed with a Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand Attribution-ShareAlike License. That means you can make changes to it, and even use it on stuff commercially. All I ask is that you credit me and license your work using a creative commons license. If you need a higher resolution image or are interested in using my work under a different license (creative commons or otherwise), contact me and we can sort something out.

I’m working full time at the moment but I’m still taking a small amount of illustration work. Feel free to message me jem.yoshioka@gmail.com, or contact me on twitter – @jemyoshioka for hourly rates and availability.

If you’d like to support the work I do, you can purchase it online in my shop.