Hello there, I’m Jem Yoshioka. Nice to meet you.

I’m an award winning comic artist and illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand.

I’ve also entered a couple of global game jams.

I work full time, so my availability for other work is limited. HOWEVER! If you have an interesting project or something you’d love to work with me on, I’ve love to hear from you. Email me jem.yoshioka@gmail.com, or contact me on twitter @jemyoshioka for rates and availability.

Everything I make is licensed with a Creative Commons 3.0 New Zealand Attribution-ShareAlike License, unless otherwise stated. That means you can make changes to it, and even use it on stuff commercially. All I ask is that you credit me and license your work using a creative commons license. If you need a higher resolution image or are interested in using my work under a different license (creative commons or otherwise), contact me and we can sort something out.