Good things

It’s been an excellent week for my illustration work. I had a piece in with the Tiny Travelling Gallery, Art From a Square Planet exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington (which featured giclee prints of Folding Kimono), and my comic Concrete published by Square Planet went on sale at Armageddon. I met a lot of great people, saw a lot of old friends and generally feel pretty good about where my work is heading.


On Wednesday I fly to Japan. I’ll be writing and tweeting and whatevering while I’m over there, complete with pictures. This is an important trip for me for a number of reasons, which I’ve written about before. I’m taking my little brother Jake, who is the same kind of dork as me, so I’m sure it’s going to be a great time.

New Stories

I’m working on two big things while I’m in Japan. More stuff along the lines of Folding Kimono, and a fiction story that seems to annoyingly want to be a graphic novel. The Graphic novel is still germinating and might keep doing that for a long time. This trip will definitely be giving me material for at least these two projects, and I’m sure a bunch more I haven’t even thought about yet.

Old stories

I plan to do some work discovering old stories alongside building new ones. There’s too much to fit into this trip, but I plan to at least get myself grounded. It will definitely be a few trips-worth of stuff to discover., I’m excited to learn more about this branch of my family and find out more about my grandmother and her life before she moved to New Zealand. I’m looking forward to meeting my great uncles and their families, who I only know from photographs.

It’s difficult to think about anything else, but there’s still a lot of regular real life maintenance I have to get through before my flight takes off. Only three days to go now!