After a bit of re-jigging is now re-settled in a new home! Hopefully by now DNS servers across the globe have updated its position.

And what do you do when you lose your entire website? Why restore from a backup when you can build it all up again newer and shinier?

I’ve had a lot of fun choosing a new theme and getting everything settled in again. This theme might not stick around, but it’s doing okay for now.

There’s a bit more of a selection up on my illustration page, including some concept and development sketches.

The comics are all working, so that’s good (I do still need to update Sunshine with the new typography though, it’s on my list)

My shiny hire me page is singing my praises

And there’s a nice link to my Bigcartel store where you can purchase a few of my fine items yourself.

I’ll be adding a few blog posts in to fatten things out a little bit here, but otherwise things seem to be pretty much done!

Welcome to the new, thanks for visiting!